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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jessica Caylyn Band: Live Show - April 22nd

The Jessica Caylyn Band will be performing live at Bases Loaded on April 22nd. Bases Loaded is located in Downtown Antioch at the corner of 4th & G Street.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Antioch/Brentwood Events

I am no longer on Facebook so if anybody has any events they would like to be posted you're going to need to e-mail me now. Thank you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


“Long Lost Friends”

JUNE 15, 2010

The day after Brock Lesnar announces his run for the Presidency in 2012 media frenzy breaks out across the world. Every talk show about politics, sports, and celebrity gossip is on the scene. We first take a look at a political talk show hosted by Jordan Bryant. His guest is left-wing blogger Curt Hawthorne.

Jordan Bryant: “Welcome to “Political Power Hour” my fellow Americans. I am your host Jordan Bryant. Last night something happened that could potentially change the political landscape as we know it. Mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar threw his hat into the 2012 presidential race. He called out Barack Obama live on Fox News last night. We have all seen the clip numerous times, so I will not show it again. We are dedicating this show to discuss how this will change the upcoming 2012 race. My first guest is a left-wing blogger named Curt Hawthorne. “

Jordan Bryant: “Welcome to the show Curt.”
Curt Hawthorne: “Thanks Jordan. Let’s get started.”
Jordan Bryant: “Were you surprised about last night’s decision by Brock Lesnar?”
Curt Hawthorne: “You know Jordan… I really was not. Republicans will do anything to win. Brock Lesnar has name recognition among Middle Americans and could be a threat to Obama.”
Jordan Bryant: “Will you be supporting Brock?”
Curt Hawthorne: “No way will I support a former member of the WWE for President of the United States.”
Jordan Bryant: “So you’d rather support a community organizer instead?”
Curt Hawthorne: “I hate that argument Jordan…Barack Obama is a constitutional lawyer AND a community organizer. He has great experience. I heard he once organized a bake sale in Chicago.”
Jordan Bryant: “There is no leadership experience there. Why can’t we ever try something new in this country? Obama is status quo. We all know that.”
Curt Hawthorne: “Brock Lesnar is not new. I will do all I can in the blogosphere to come keep Obama in office.”
Jordan Bryant: “What if the Democrats throw a curveball and give Hilary the nod?”
Curt Hawthorne: “That defies tradition. I don’t see that happening.”
Jordan Bryant: “Allright Curt, we’re out of time. Thanks for your input.”

The next show we take a look at is “Hollywood News” hosted by Jane Ripolli. She has a young girl reporter named Jasmine Peters on her show to discuss what happened.

Jane Ripolli: “Jasmine…you are here to inform of the American public of what happened last night. We want to hear the Hollywood angle.”
Jasmine Peters: “Jane…last night former wrestler and current fighter Brock Lesnar announced his run for the Presidency. This is huge for America. Sable could be the only first lady to have posed nude.”
Jane Ripolli: “Wow that would be so great. It really shows our evolution as a country.”
Jasmine Peters: “Yea Jane I’m with ya on that one. It’ll be good seeing a strong woman next to a strong man in the White House.”
Jane Ripolli: “Do you really think Brock Lesnar can challenge Barack Obama?”
Jasmine Peters: “Brock Lesnar reaches the exact same generation Obama reached. I’m no political analyst, but I believe this is going to be a great race.”
Jane Ripolli: “It should be interesting, thanks Jasmine.”

MARCH 15, 1992

Abraham is a young boy that is off school for the weekend. His dad comes in with exciting news for Abraham in the morning. The family last name is Frost.

Father Frost: “Abraham…wake up. We have somewhere to go.”
Abraham: “Where? My birthday is already over with. I don’t want to go anywhere.”
Father Frost: “We’re going to Bombay.”
Abraham: “I hate Bombay, it’s a bunch of old tractors and farmland.”
Father Frost: “We’re getting a dog today!”
Brother Frost: “What kind??”
Father Frost: “It’s a surprise.”

Abraham jumps out of bed excited and takes a shower. He and his family hop in the family car and drive 20 mins down the road to Bombay. They pull up to a one story house on about 2 acres of land. There are horses and many other animals, but no dogs.

Abraham: “I thought we were here for a dog?”
Father Frost: “We are. The owner of this house will be out in a second to meet us.”

The owner of the house comes out and greets the Frost family. She tells them a story about the dogs.

Cathleen Lewis: “Hi guys. Welcome to our ranch. The Dalmatians are behind the house in the barn. The mother is still a little tired from giving birth, but she should be friendly with you guys.”
Abraham: “We’re getting a Dalmatian???”
Cathleen Lewis: “I certainly hope so. These puppies come from great parents. The mother is named Fancy and is very nice. The father was a stray Dalmatian. He is a big boy…his name is Chief.”

Cathleen brings the Frost family in the barn area to show off the Dalmatian puppies. Fancy is breast feeding one of the dogs while the other ones are all sleeping around here. There was one puppy, though, that really stuck out. While all the dogs were sleeping the puppy jumped on top of all the Dalmatians and began to put on a show.

Abraham: “I want that one. Is that a boy or a girl?”
Father Frost: “Hold on, we need to look at all of them.”
Cathleen Lewis: “That is a female. She is very hyper and loves attention.”
Mother Frost: “We might need a dog that is not as hyper.”
Cathleen Lewis: “She is a great puppy; she will most likely be bought by someone else if you guys don’t buy her now.”
Father Frost: “We’ll think about it.”
Abraham: “I want her.”
Father Frost: “Well she is pretty cute and stands out from the other puppies. We will buy her.”
Abraham: “YES!!!!”

Cathleen Lewis brings in the family and they handle the financial stuff. The Frost Family bought a little cardboard box for the new puppy to sit in on the car ride home. On the car ride home the dog was crying a lot because it was away from its mother for the first time.

Abraham: “What are we going to name her?”
Mother Frost: “How about Amanda?”
Father Frost:” I like Mandy.”
Mother Frost: “Wow that’s a nice name. Her name is Mandy. Hi Mandy…welcome to the family”
Abraham: “Mandy huh?”
Father Frost: “But here’s the ground rules…no one can know how much we paid to get Mandy. That is private business.”
Abraham: “That’s fine, I’m just glad we got a dog.”

JUNE 8th, 2010

The South Carolina primary for the Democratic candidate for Senate has just concluded. The winner of the primary is former military man Alvin Greene. He had no campaign funds, but somehow received 60% of the vote from the people who voted in the primary. After the results were counted Alvin Greene held a rally for his cause. Around 20 people attended. Here is the speech he gave them:

Alvin Greene (in a doofus voice): “To the people of South Carolina thank you for electing me. I ran a good old fashioned campaign and it has paid off. 60 percent of the vote is no accident…it’s no joke…I am the real deal. As a former member of the Armed Forces I feel like I have the leadership ability to work in the United States Senate. My hobbies include taking girls to football games. So if you’re a girl that likes football I am your man. There is going to be a lot of slander against me after tonight, so I want you guys to get ready for this criticism. Don’t comment on anything!! That’s right don’t comment on anything controversial. “Have you harassed a girl in a college computer lab?” NO COMMENT!! “Did you ask that same girl if you go could back with her to the room?” NO COMMENT!! “Do you have any pictures of Alvin Greene in uniform?” NO COMMENT!! With this strategy we will be taking over the Senate. Thank you and now let’s say thanks to the man above. GLORY GLORY HALLEUJAH!!! GLORY GLORY HALLEUJAH!!

As Greene keeps singing the whole crowd walks out wondering if that was staged or real.

MAY 22, 2001

Mandy is now fully grown and a full-time member of the Frost family. On this day she got introduced to a local cat named Kit. She is a tortoiseshell cat that has a tiger face. Mandy is very territorial and always keeps the cats away from her area. However, Kit was a feisty little cat and challenged Mandy the first time they met. Kit started mocking Mandy while she was inside the house. She was walking around the back of the pool area like she owned the place. Mandy was in the house barking loudly when Abraham let her out. Mandy ran out full speed after Kit and Kit went to go hide on the hill.

Mandy: “This is my area. Get out of here you stupid little cat.”
Kit: “You’ve lost your touch being in the house the whole time. This is my territory.”
Mandy: “Then why did you run?”
Kit: “Because you weigh 60 more pounds then me you snob.”
Mandy: “Don’t come back here or I will be forced to take action.”
Kit: “Have fun trying to catch me. I am nimble. I am quick. I am Kit.”
Mandy: “Nice to meet you Kit. Now take a hike.”

Mandy started barking out of control until Kit got the message and took off over the fence. Abraham then let in Mandy congratulating her on a job well done.

NOVEMBER 6, 2012

Election results have just recently been tallied and Brock Lesnar won the election by a landslide. He is having a post-election party and gives a brief speech:

Brock Lesnar: “First and foremost I would like to thank the American people for making this happen. Without you we could not take America back. I know being the youngest President in American history will put a lot of pressure on me, but trust me I work best under pressure. I hope you all enjoy the party. God Bless America.”

The crowd starts chanting “LES FOR PREZ!”

Barack Obama gives a speech at his party about his recent loss to Brock Lesnar.

“We had a great run guys, but we came up a bit short. In the 4 years of my Presidency I feel like we have accomplished a lot of change. There comes a time when overused clichés begin to lose its luster and I fell victim to that. I got a beat by a younger and more deserving opponent. Brock Lesnar: you ran a great campaign and I wish all you the best. To all my followers: our mission is not over. We still have a lot to do for this Progressive cause in America. You have my word that I will continue to work for this cause for as long as I live. Thank you.”

The political talk shows are buzzing with a lot of spin from both sides. Jordan Bryant of the “Political Power Hour” has Curt Hawthorne on.

Jordan Bryant: “What a night for the United States of America. We have elected BROCK LESNAR to the highest office in the land.”
Curt Hawthorne: “This is the end of the world Jordan. The world is suppose to end next month. Why is that might you ask…Brock Lesnar is going to get trigger happy.”
Jordan Bryant: “You’re telling me the world is going to end because of Brock Lesnar?”
Curt Hawthorne: “I think it’s a possibility.”
Jordan Bryant: “Well why can’t Brock save the world? What if Obama was part of the prophecy?”
Curt Hawthorne: “That’s nonsense Jordan, you know that. Obama would have led us to prosperity.”
Jordan Bryant: “4 years Curt…4 years…he did not do anything. It’s time for a fresh face.”
Curt Hawthorne: “It’s going to be hard for Brock to get anything passed in the Senate. “Mean” Alvin Greene has been reaching across the aisle lately and has formed a partnership with many Republicans. Without Greene’s approval legislation will be log jammed.”
Jordan Bryant:”Alvin Greene is a worthy opponent, but I am pretty sure Brock Lesnar’s own party will back him on whatever he wants.”
Curt Hawthorne: “I’ve had enough of you Jordan, I’m going to go blog.”
Jordan Bryant: “Yea…go blog about Lesnar, so you can make money off bashing the new President.”

The scene ends with Brock Lesnar getting in the murdered out Camaro with Secret Service following him as he drives back to his farm in Minnesota.

APRIL 21, 2005

It’s a chili spring day in the middle of April when something abnormal goes down. Mandy is sitting by a fence the whole day watching something. The local stray cat named Kit is the animal stuck on the fence that day. The two had a rocky start, but after hours of conversations they became true friends.

11:30 A.M.

Mandy: “I got you right where I want you. What goes up must come down. You only have one place to go and that is place where I pounce on you once and for all.”
Kit: “I can still outrun you when I jump down. I will jump when you least expect it. I have cat like reflexes.”
Mandy: “I have dog like reflexes which means don’t come in my territory. I’ve warned you before and you mocked me. This is judgment day.”
Kit: “You know what? You’re a bully. You have everything in the world and still want more. Let me have my peace.”
Mandy: “No…sit down and shut up. I don’t want to hear you talk anymore.”

The two animals still there silent for about two hours and then Kit sparks up a conversation with Mandy.

1:35 P.M.

Kit: “You ever wonder why I am out here alone?”
Mandy: “No, don’t know or don’t care.”
Kit (in a quiet voice): “I’m out here because my owners left me.”
Mandy: “What do you mean…left you?”
Kit: “My owners left me. I used to have everything you had. Free food, free shelter, air conditioning, the whole 18 holes. But then one day my family took off and I never got to see them again. They released me to the jungle.”
Mandy: “I did not know that. I really don’t get how people can do that. I would invite you into my house, but my owners have enough to worry about with me. Another pet might be too much. I’m so sorry Kit. “
Kit: “Don’t worry about it. I don’t think I could live with you. You’re too pretty…I feel like I could not compete with you. Look at me, I am 10 different colors and barely weigh 7 pounds."
Mandy: “Kit…beauty comes from the inside. I want you to remember that. Many dogs think I am a snob, but once they get to me they will know that is not the case. You’re a pretty cat, I want you to know your welcome in my house anytime.”
Kit: “Do you really mean that? Can you pull that off?”
Mandy: “I can pull anything off; I am treated as a God in my world. I want you to experience the same treatment.”
Kit: “I don’t know if I am ready for it, but I will think about it.”
Mandy: “But remember as it stands now, this conversation did not happen. We are still enemies.”
Kit: “Roger that Mandy.”

Mandy and Kit sit out there for a couple more hours and they both end up falling asleep. Kit wakes up while on the fence and sees Mandy is asleep. She jumps down from the fence and licks Mandy. Mandy wakes up and they have parting words.

4:01 P.M.
Kit: “Thank you for all your help Mandy. I have decided to remain in the wild until I am ready for a family again.”
Mandy: “No problem Kit. I am going to tell you something that is straight from the heart. If I were to pass away in the near future I want you to be the next family pet.”
Kit: “If that happens I will honor your wishes Mandy.”

The two part ways. Mandy goes back in the house and Kit walks up the hill to find a sleeping spot for the night.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009Mandy passed away a couple years prior and the Frost family was left with a void in the household. After not seeing Mandy for awhile Kit began to realize what was going on. She decided to make the plunge and follow Mandy’s wishes of joining the family. It took her about two months to get enough guts to go up the door. One day the Frost family let her in and she was very standoffish. After being part of the family for a little while she gained weight and became a typical “fat cat.” She became the local leader of the Animal Mafia.

On this day Kit was relaxing outside on the patio when two male cats came up her to speak with her. One of the cats was a black named Rico and the other was a white cat named Fabio.

Fabio: “Kit, we come to you with a proposition.”
Rico: “We feel like only your expertise in this subject will help us get the job done.”
Kit: “Hey Boys...who are you guys trying to put a hit on?”
Rico: “We’re not trying to put a hit out on him, we just want to put a scare into him.”
Kit: “See as the crime lord of the Animal Mafia there is no such thing as putting a scare into people. We are in the business of putting a hurt on people. My cats are as wild as they come. I only employ warriors.”
Rico: “We want you to deal with Zorro.”
Kit: “Zorro? That little cat has been acting up? He is only a year old. Don’t worry about him. He is young and naïve. I am old and wise.”
Fabio: “You don’t get it. Word on the street is Zorro took a piss in your pool.”
Kit: “I control this jungle through that pool. Every time a cat uses my pool for drinking water I use that against them. I own that pool. “
Rico: “He usually comes around your turf at night.”
Kit: “Tonight he will be taken care of. Thank you for the support guys.”

Kit takes off into the house while Fabio and Rico discuss what happened.

Fabio: “Man I love a woman in power.”
Rico: “I just hope she does not overuse her power and take out Zorro.”
Fabio: “Rico…Zorro sealed his own fate. He challenged the wrong people. No one takes Kit seriously around here because she is a female. I think things will change tonight.”
Rico: “I am grabbing my popcorn and sitting on top of the hill to see this one.”


Zorro comes out of nowhere and starts drinking from the pool. He begins lying down by the rocks right next to the pool. All the sudden two large cats come out of nowhere and attack Zorro. The two cats look like mini-Tigers. They end up pinning Zorro down and send the signal to Kit. A loud cat mating call starts to be heard by all the animals and local neighbors. Kit is sitting by the door and starts screaming in the house. Abraham runs downstairs to let Kit in the backyard. He looks on in disbelief as Kit runs out there to get involved in the action.
As the two cats hold Zorro down, Kit runs out there to get involved.

Kit: “ZORRO! What are you doing trespassing on my property? I thought I warned you about this.”
Zorro:” I didn’t know. I thought nature was everybody’s property.”
Kit: “No…nature is up for the taking. You have to make a move to claim your territory. You’re only one year old and you’re challenging the most powerful cat in this one mile radius. You need to earn your stripes little one.”
Zorro: “I promise I won’t do it again. I swear.”
Kit: “Promises don’t cut it out. Don’t speak. It’ll be easier for you if you just take your punishment.”

Abraham and his parents are watching wondering what is going on. 2 random tiger cats are holding a cat hostage while Kit gets ready to fight. She begins swatting at Zorro. He starts screaming…

Kit: “You could tell the Pope for all I care. Don’t come in my territory.”

Kit swats at Zorro for about three minutes, and then lets him go. He runs on top of the hill to get away.

Kit: “Hit the road Zorro. Your black eyes I gave you make it looks like you’re wearing two masks now. I am going to make a movie about you named Homeward Bound: Zorro Squared Edition.”

As Zorro walks over the hill to escape he sees Fabio and Rico waiting for him.

Fabio: “Seen ya got a little scolding there Zorro?”
Zorro: “That was nothing. Wait till I call my uncle in Seattle and tell him about this. You thought that was bad. I’ll bring war to these jungles.”
Rico: “I guess you didn’t learn your lesson little one. Next time don’t mess with the elderly.”
Zorro: “I’ll mess with who I please.”
Zorro then sprays Fabio and Rico in the face and takes off into the yard next door.

JUNE 17, 2009

Abraham and Dino start the day off with a journey to the local brewery to take a tour. Before they go to the brewery they make a quick pit-stop at Stan’s Local Market to pick up some chocolate bars. Stan is an old Vietnam Vet with a fake arm like a pirate. Abraham and Dino get into a heated business conversation with Stan.

Stan: “That’ll be $1.05 for your chocolate bar guys.”
Abraham: “That’s cheap. You know in Bombay they’re charging $1.50 a chocolate bar?”
Stan: “Bombay huh? That’s right over the hill.”
Dino: “$1.50 is reasonable Stan. Do you want to turn profits? If so, listen to us.”
Stan: “There are a lot of people into eating chocolate bars in this area. I’ll think about it.”
Abraham: “No Stan… if you want to do something then do it. If you want more advice about your business you can hire us as consultants. You will see a 10% increase in sales no problem.”

Stan changes the sign that says “chocolate bars for $1.05” to “chocolate bars for $1.50”

Dino: “See Stan…that’s what I call a supply and demand shift.”
Stan: “Thanks guys. If you ever come back you’ll get a chocolate bar on the house.”
Abraham: “Anytime Stan. We will check up on you in a couple weeks to see how you’re doing.”

Abraham and Dino hop in the car and take off back to their original destination. They pull up to the headquarters of Woolery’s Beer. Instead of going into the brewery they decide to take out their baseball gloves from the trunk and start playing catch. After ten minutes of playing one of the employees from Woolery’s Beer comes out to confront the two. He is wearing an orange shirt and resembles Carney Lansford.

Chris Quail: “Hi guys…I am Chris Quail. I am part-time janitor and security guard for this brewery. You boys been playing baseball in our parking lot?”
Abraham: “Ya damn right…it’s a great day to play baseball in the parking lot of a brewery.”
Chris Quail: “Well the managers from the big building behind you….they kinda requested ya’ll stop throwing the ball around. You didn’t hit any cars did you?”
Abraham: “Nope.”

Chris Quail then searches the cars in the area to make sure there are no broken windshields.

Chris Quail: “Thanks guys. Have a good day.”
Dino (quietly): “What a jackass. “

After this incident occurs Abraham and Dino put the gloves away and decide to finally take the tour. They walk in and immediately join a tour in progress. As they get inside there is a loud guy asking a lot of questions to the girl giving the history of Woolery’s Beer. Abraham and Dino don’t know it, but the guy is Hobo Joe.

Hobo Joe: “Excuse me miss…is it true the Woolery’s motto is “Drink often”…IS THAT TRUE??”
Rhonda: “We do not endorse excessive drinking here at Woolery’s. That was our original slogan put forth by our founder Chuck Woolery. Our company has evolved to become more responsible. I hope that answers you question.”
Hobo Joe: “Well what about the brewery silos? Were the silos in Star Trek or was that Star Wars?”
Rhonda: “I do not know about that, I will consult a manager when we take the tour.”
Hobo Joe: “I think that is information you all should know.”
Rhonda: “Well I was never trained on it. Everyone…it’s about that time to take a break. We will resume the tour in 5 minutes.”

Abraham and Dino decide that this old hobo looking guy is ruining the tour and take off during the break. Before they leave they hear a funny exchange between Hobo Joe and Rhonda.

Hobo Joe: “Rhonda, thank you for answering my questions.”
Rhonda: “Just doing my job.”
Hobo Joe: “If your single Rhonda, I would love take you out sometime.”
Rhonda: “That’s ok sir. I am single, but not looking to mingle.”
Hobo Joe: “C’mon BABY!!! I’ll buy a pink Starbucks and we could watch the sun go down.”
Rhonda: “Sorry. It’s against company policy to date people on the tour.”

Abraham and Dino walk out laughing and wondering what just went down. Later that night they go to a Mexican restaurant name Los Padres to watch Game 7 of the NBA finals. The first half is not too eventful.

Abraham: “Kobe isn’t doing much, it’s time he steps it up.”
Dino: “He needs to get on that mamba kick one time. I’m sure he’s got some stashed in the locker room.”
Abraham: “I certainly hope so.”

At halftime the group watching the game with Dino and Abraham decide to go outside for a fresh-air break. When they come back inside a Mariachi band is playing loudly and a World Cup soccer game that was tape delayed is playing on the TV. Dino talks to the manager to try to convince him that the 2nd half is starting soon. Meanwhile in the Lakers locker room there was a whole different scene is going down. Kobe Bryant is having a heart-to-heart with Pau Gasol.

Kobe Bryant: “Pau… I need you buddy. They’re swarming me like hornets.”
Pau Gasol: “We’re not playing the Hornets.”
Kobe Bryant: “It’s a figure of speech…now listen to me Pau…listen me to good. I am going to let you in on a dark little secret of mine. Remember that Game 7 against the Warriors when that Henry Rowengartner kid came down to help me?”
Pau Gasol: “The Angels in the Outfield kid? Yea I remember.”
Kobe Bryant: “Well he came down to give me a dose of spice.”
Pau Gasol: “You can’t use that during a game Kobe.”
Kobe Bryant: “Yes you can, nowhere in the rules is spice a banned substance. Pau, I need you to smoke some spice with me tonight. It’s like Gatorade but even better.”
Pau Gasol: “I can’t do that Kobe. I might get paranoid.”
Kobe Bryant: “Trust me, you will hulk out and become a freak of nature. I believe in you Pau.”
Pau Gasol: “Allright…spark it up.”

Kobe and Pau have a locker room spice session at halftime. Dino finally convinces the manager to turn off the soccer, so him and his friends could witness history. After halftime the Lakers came out full force and used the home crowd to the advantage. Pau Gasol went off and Kobe followed with clutch points at the end. In the post-game interview Kobe and Pau stand together and answer questions from attractive female reporter Alex Scott.

Alex Scott: “You guys played great as a duo tonight. What is your secret?”
Kobe Bryant: “Our secret is from the man above…without him we could not accomplish anything.”

As Kobe points to the sky the whole crowd is focused on a man in the rafters. The man comes down and its Henry Rowengartner dressed up like Sting. You can tell it is Henry because he is wearing the Cubs jersey.

Henry Rowengartner: “Thanks for the credit Kobe.”
Kobe Bryant: “We couldn’t do it without you man.”

The three get together and take a picture. They all hold five fingers up to congratulate Kobe Bryant on his fifth championship.


DECEMBER 20, 2012

The day before the Mayan prophecy is here and everyone is freaking out. The media is trying to keep everyone calm. Brock Lesnar gave a keynote speech from the octagon office discussing how to handle this.

Brock Lesnar: “Hello America…this may be our last day together. I am coming at you tonight with a plea for everyone to remain calm, cool, and collective. If the world ends tomorrow then that is something decided by a force greater then us. I urge everyone to sit around with the people that are most important to them and reflect on the great things Man has done for this Earth. Rioting and looting will not be tolerated in my America. If we do survive this day, I want it to go down as the day of infamy in American history. I want this to be the day everyone comes together in this country AS ONE. This may be my farewell address to the world. If so, then I will leave you one last quote. It is an old quote from Mother Teresa… the quote goes a little something like this: “Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity.” Thank you and God Bless America. If we survive this I truly believe we will turn over a new leaf.”

Around the Frost household it is just a normal day. Everyone is sitting around and reflecting on the lives they have all had. Kit is looking out the window…almost searching for something more to her life.

Abraham: “It’s sad Kit has no clue what could actually happen right now.”
Father Frost: “You never know, she could have a sixth sense.”

All the sudden Kit starts yelling loudly at something in the backyard. The whole family goes to the door and it is Mandy. There is a big female Dalmatian that comes up to the door.

Abraham: “Is that Mandy???!?”
Mother Frost: “She must have been reincarnated from the dead. There is something strange going on.”

Mandy and Kit immediately begin licking each other even though they were supposed to be enemies.

Kit: “You came back! I can’t believe it. I have been missing your guidance. I knew if I used my imagination you would come back eventually.”
Mandy: “God sent me back here as an angel. See your family does not know what is going on. I was sent to see how you’ve been treated.”
Kit: “They have treated me well. I am extremely healthy and happy. They provide a good shelter along with a loving environment. I can’t ask for anything more.”
Mandy: “That is all I needed to hear. I am going to pretend to take a nap but in reality I must send my soul back to Heaven to speak with God.”
Kit: “You better act fast, the world is suppose to end in a couple hours.”
Mandy: “Trust me, I already have that taken care of. The world is not ending.”

A couple hours pass and the media is covering the 2012 prophecy in every major city across the world. Things seem to be going smooth on every continent so far. Around 9 o’clock Pacific Time things are still calm and the world has not ended yet. All the sudden a loud noise begins to be heard in the sky. A loud voice begins to address the whole world. During the speech every major media outlet is showing people looking on and listening to this speech. It is God addressing the world.

“To my fellow children…I come to you to share a story about life. I want you all to step back and take a good look at what you as humans have accomplished. Then I want you to take a look at the reason why those things have been accomplished. The advancement of the human race comes from the decency of human beings. You’re all expecting me to thank you guys for living in this world and then pulling the plug on it. You see…that is where many humans have lost their ways. It is the human spirit that makes the human powerful. Every so often there are strong possibilities the world is going to end, but every time humans pass my test. You see people in the limelight like Brock Lesnar…Kobe Bryant…or Henry Rowengartner all embody great things, but I like to test people not in the spotlight. You will never have heard of these people nor know these people, but these people are the backbone of the world. Without people like this we will never advance. The day when I believe the human spirit is dead is the day the world ends. Until then it is business as usual and just know you never know who’s watching. God Bless the World and especially God Bless America.”

An inspiring quote flashes on the screen that says: “The measure of good life is the accumulation of good memories.” The song “Bye Bye” by Mariah Carey begins to play as many pictures flash on the screen as a tribute to Mandy.

Written on: June 25th, 2010
I did not know about the 11:11 phenomenon until a couple months down the road. After rereading my own story I see that maybe I did know about it...I just didn't acknowledge it yet. Good luck everyone in your quest.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Severe Flooding in Antioch

A message from the Antioch Police:

Due to severe flooding, 4th Street, O Street, and 10th Street in the area of Auto Center Drive are closed. The flooding is being compounded with the incoming high tide, which should last for another couple of hours.

Please use alternative routes

Domain For Sale:

The next is for sale. I call it OwlphaMale.

Website Suffix Idea

We sell the suffix .$ to Corporations to host secret websites for their employees. You will need a username and password to get in. It will list ideals...sales...etc. Private networks for private companies will be our motto.


AntiWood - An idea firm.

Domain For Sale:

$19 Million Approved For EBart

Brentwood Looks to Attract Business

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jessica Caylyn Band Joins AntiWood

AntiWood has joined forces with an upcoming artist named Jessica Caylyn. She is a former Deer Valley High School student that is making a name for herself in the country music world. Her passion for music has already opened up many doors.. She just recently recorded her first single that will be released later this month. AntiWood will play a part in making connections to help make Jessica's dreams become realities.

If you would like to see the Jessica Caylyn Band live you can check them out this Saturday @ Mike's Beef N Brew in Oakley. They will be playing from 9 P.M.-1 A.M. Other upcoming live shows will be posted on AntiWood in the future.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011 is a premium domain that is looking for builders. I originally planned to model the site after but I decided to do something more original. I'm open for new ideas so if you're up-to-date with technology this venture could be for you.

AntiWood is in the business of flipping virtual real estate. We make $12 investments in domain names. If we fail (which we won't) we lose $12. If we succeed numerous times we create a boom for our local economy. It's that easy.

Big Kahuna Sandwich Shop (Antioch)

For those who are looking for a good sandwich in Antioch you should check out the Big Kahuna Sandwich Shop. They are at the corner of A Street & East 18th across the street from Wells Fargo. If you would like to see what they have to offer they're menu is here:

AT&T Buys T-Mobile for 39 Billion

Because AntiWood is aimed at technologically advanced people I feel like tech news is something that is relevent to the blog. If anything catches my eye I will be sure to post it.

Today AT&T announced it has bought out T-Mobile at a price tag of $39 billlion. They have now overtaken Verizon as the leading wirless provider in the United States. If you want to find the whole story you can go here:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brentwood Poetry Readings

Open Mic Night
The first Thursday of the month
@ The Game Sports Pub n Pizza - 235 Oak Street

Cheapest Gas Prices


Fuel N Go Gasoline - 924 W 10th Street & K Street ($3.83)
Gas of America - 1800 A Street & W 18th Street ($3.83)
Costco - 2201 Verne Roberts Circle ($3.83)
Dutch Pride Gas Mart - 507 E 18th Street & Cavallo ($3.84)


Quik Stop - 3940 Walnut Blvd. & Dainty Ave ($3.84)
First Stop - 7935 Brentwood Blvd. & Broderick Drive ($3.84)
ARCO - 2250 Balfour Road & Cortona Way ($3.85)

For those that don't know yet...the United States and Coalition Forces launched air attacks on Libya. This will effect the price of gasoline. Stay informed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

AntiWood SmartPhone App

As AntiWood grows I plan to integrate a Smartphone App into our system. The application will include the following:

-News updates from the blog.
-Coupons of the Day:  2-3 coupons will be posted daily. All you have to do is bring in your phone to redeem the deal.
-Local artist postings: Music...writings...YouTUBE videos will be posted on the AntiWood app for easy access.
-A full business directory
-Police updates

If anyone has anything else they would like to see on the Application leave a comment. It'll be months down the road until this projects gets started...but it's always good to stay ahead of the curve.

For any local poker players: you can find my next business venture on For now it is a poker blog that informs players of deals throughout the Bay Area. Over time it will evolve into a mechanism for modernizing the poker scene. Check it out. - Made in AntiWood.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preventing Throwing Injuries

Sutter Delta Medical Center is hosting an event to teach baseball players how to prevent throwing injuries. Too many times parents push their kids at a young age and we see kids "throw their arm out". This event should be very useful to anybody who attends.

April 7th
Deer Valley Gym
Sponsored by DV Baseball & Sutter Delta

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirasoni Taking Donations For Tsunami Victims (Brentwood)

According to the Antioch Herald Shirasoni is taking donations to help out the tsunami victims in Japan. They will be matching dollar for dollar. If you're interested in donating: Shirasoni is in Brentwood on Lone Tree the back of the shopping center with KFC/A&W and AM/PM.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: Road to the Masters

History is being made in the world of Golf. This year will be the first time Augusta National is offered in a video game. If you have Xbox Live you can download the demo for free.

I always thought it would be fun if one of AntiWood's local courses was a playable course on one of these games. We should contact Electronic Arts about that. They're not that far away from us.

Roddy Ranch - A beautiful golf course

2 Kids Hit By Car Tuesday (Antioch)

A car struck 2 boys outside of Marsh Elementary School after school on Tuesday. Only minor injuries were reported.

EBart Simulation

So many ask: "What is EBart?" Check out this video to see how it will run (if we get it):


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Golf N Games Closes Down (Antioch)

Long time Antioch Business "Golf N Games" recently had to shut their doors. The full story can be found here:

AntiWood on Facebook

We have reached 60 followers on Facebook. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped spread the word about AntiWood. We are steadily growing as a network. I urge everyone to get the word out about this site. I am setting a goal of having 100 followers on Facebook by the end of the month. That's only 40 people.

If someone asks you what AntiWood is then tell them the following:

1) It is a one-stop media source focused ONLY on the cities of Antioch and Brentwood.
2) It is a network of wealth creation.
3) It is a place for young artists to become known.

If they don't like the page after that then they're a lost cause. Move on to the next person. The "I hate douchebags" page on Facebook has 710,000 people who have liked it. The AntiWood page has only 60. Something is wrong here. Let's change it.

Bay Area Poker Tour Launch

I've officially begun working on another project called the Bay Area Poker Tour. For those who follow poker it will be similar to the Heartland Poker Tour..but with a Bay Area twist. Temporarily you can find the blog at:

In a few days the site will be hosted at Here is a project someone can take up if they feel the need. If you never played poker or online poker then disregard this post. It's kind of confusing to outsiders of the game:

You talk to the guys at the 19th Hole and Kelly's and inform them about the Bay Area Poker Tour and AntiWood. You convince them that advertising online is the wave of the future. You design a coupon to be posted on the BayAreaPokerTour and AntiWood. The coupon is a $20 $60 and get $80. Must play for 2 hours. Starts at 9 A.M.

If you're a true poker player/hustler you will do this because you understand that money attracts money. $20 free will attract people from Antioch...Brentwood...Oakley...and possibly Concord to come play in a loose game. In the "Antioch Poker Scene" it's always a question whether there will be a game or not running. If these businesses take these marketing ploys seriously there will always be a game going. So I'm not going to pay you directly for doing this...but you will have an avenue to make money every single day if you're confident in your abilties.

People keep asking me "I don't see any money with AntiWood." That's cause there isn't yet. But if we keep reaching out with ideas like these to local businesses the money will come. I'm just waiting eagerly for someone to realize what AntiWood truly is. It's a network of wealth creation. Don't overanalyze it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucky's To Become Food Maxx

The Lucky's Supermarket in the Deer Valley Plaza will be closing down soon. Food Maxx is going to be replacing the store. If anybody has the exact dates when this transition is happening feel free to post.

"Your maxmium discount supermarket."

New Subway in Antioch

The Safeway Shopping Center in Antioch now has a new Subway. Home of the $5 footlong.

Cat Adoption - Petco (Brentwood)

The Cat Support Network is hosting a cat adoption event in Brentwood this weekend.

March 19th & 20th: Noon-4 P.M.
Petco 5481 Lone Tree Way (Next to Michael's)
For more information you can call 925-252-5445

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The AntiWood Greenprint

The AntiWood Greenprint is a series of writings about the direction of AntiWood. If you're new to the site this is the code we live by at this company. Find me on LinkedIn to get involved.

"The AntiWood Vision":
"The Antiwood Recipe":
"AntiWood Power":
"Aspiring Artists":
"The Monopoly of Thought":
"Gung Ho":

Home of The Infinite

Saturday, March 12, 2011

APD Arrest Teen Involved in Shooting

Antioch Police has arrested a 15 yr. old involved in a gang-related shooting at Antioch High School on Thursday.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Now Hiring: Blockbuster (Antioch)

Location: Deer Valley Plaza

Great Deals: Stunners & Smashers Salon (Antioch)

Free haircut with full color/highlight.

Stunners and Smashers Salon
5035 Lone Tree Way Antioch


One of our main goals at AntiWood is to provide a business friendly environment. Think about all the problems going on within the city of Antioch right now. Code enforcement...union negotiations...graffiti...etc. It all comes down to one thing: a lack of funding. The "recession" is no longer here everyone. It is time we step up our efforts to make our 2 cities more business friendly to solve those issues.

The other day I was pumping gas when I noticed a sign for a business called Muscle Maker Grill. It made me interested to see what this new business was about so I went to their website. Turns out they are a successful East Coast company making their way out to California. Antioch is their first location. I ended up e-mailing their founder telling him about AntiWood and he was very thankful that we plugged his business. After reading up more on his business I realized what a great opportunity this was for the two sides to come together. Instead of coming into town with little to no connections Muscle Maker Grill will have reached a couple hundred people through AntiWood. Through time the business will grow and who knows maybe it will be an example for other businesses to see Antioch or Brentwood as a worthy place to start a business.

I see Antioch and Brentwood as a great way to start many ventures...whether as an artist or in business. The more success stories we have the more people will hear about our cities and this website. The more they hear about us the more positive press we get. As we raise more money for the city budgets the problems that people now focus on will more likely be handled properly. It's all a domino effect. Providing incentives for business is the number one solution to EVERY single problem we have. We can not advance without new sources of money. We need to come to that conclusion.

For those who have stumbled upon my site and have been overwhelmed by my idea I will say this: that's the point. If you have noticed I have been putting in more work on this site because I feel like I need to set the tone for this company. For those wanting to get involved you need to have creativity and imagination to succeed on this network. You have to think big picture here. Rome wasn't built in a day. The same goes for AntiWood.

Coming Soon: Thai Bistro

Thai Bistro is going in right next to Popeye's Chicken on Lone Tree Way. It's good to see vacant buildings being filled by new ventures. We will keep an eye out for the grand opening of this place.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Damaura Upcoming Shows

Local band Damaura is playing the upcoming venues:

April 1st (8:30 P.M.) - Pine Street Sports Bar & Grill - Livermore
April 15th (9:30 P.M) - Mutiny MFB - Antioch

Contract Negotiations (Antioch)

Guest commentator for the Contra Costa Times posted a column about how he feels about the current contract negotiations between the Antioch Police Officers Association and the City Council. Simonsen gives a realistic approach to solve the issue. The full column can be found here:

Muscle Maker Grill (Antioch)


Build up your Google Place Profile here.

Upcoming High School Baseball Games

Antioch Panthers:

3/9 (3:30 P.M.) @ Granada
3/11 (3:30 P.M.) @ El Cerrito

Deer Valley Wolverines:

3/9 (3:30 P.M.) @ College Park
3/12 (11:00 A.M.) @ Misson San Jose

Heritage Patriots:

3/10 (3:30 P.M.) @ vs. Miramonte

Liberty Lions:

3/12 (10:30 A.M.) @ Harker

Take Back Antioch: Petition for Code Enforcement

Take Back Antioch has started a petition to bring back code enforcement in Antioch. Their goal is to get 10% of the people in Antioch to sign. Here is the link if you would like to sign it:

Great Deals: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue (Antioch)

Chicken Breast Bowls - $5.00
Filet of Sole w/ Brown Rice & Veggies - $7.95

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
5035 Lone Tree Way (Antioch)
In the shopping center with Quiznos, Popeye's, and Fast Signs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City of Antioch: Photo Submissions

The City of Antioch is looking for great pictures of Antioch to post on the picture galleries. If you have any good pictures sitting around your IPhone you can submit them here:

Brentwood Approves New Apartments

The City of Brentwood has approved a 54 unit apartment complex. The apartments are considered "affordable housing" with a 2 bedroom costing $1200 a month. More information can be found at the Contra Costa Times:

Double Stabbing in Brentwood

A double stabbing occured last Thursday at the Brentwood BART Park-n-Ride. The full story can be found  courtesy of the Contra Costa times here:

AntiWood on Twitter

AntiWood is now on

To be honest...I am not a big fan of the site but if I can make just one solid connection through the site then it will be worth it. So if you have a Twitter follow the @AntiWood page and I'll update it every once in awhile.

Local Band "Damaura" Joins AntiWood

A local rock band by the name of Damaura is now affiliated with AntiWood. In the future we will follow the rise of Damaura and support them along the way. We are glad to have them aboard.

Damaura is an underground band that came on the scene in 2009. Since then they have played many local shows in Antioch...Concord...and Livermore. Besides local venues they have also played at the famous venues of Whiskey a Go Go (West Hollywood) and The Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco). They are steadily on the rise.

Just recently they released their debut CD with an official launch party at Mutiny in Antioch. If you would like to support this local band you can find their CD at Rock Bottom Records in Antioch.

For booking information go to their website @
Information on upcoming gigs will be posted on AntiWood.

AntiWood on LinkedIn

AntiWood is now part of LinkedIn. For those that don't know... LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals. The company started out of a living room in the year 2002 and is now the largest professional network on the Internet. Another inspiring story of a .com making it big.

Possible Delay in Highway 4 Widening

More information can be found at the Antioch Herald:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheapest Gas Prices


Costco - 2201 Verne Roberts Circle ($3.76)
Gas of America - 1800 A Street and W 18th Street ($3.76)
Dutch Pride Gas Mart and Food - 507 E 18th Street and Cavallo Rd ($3.77)
76 - 3629 E 18th Street ($3.79)
Safeway - 3365 Deer Valley Road and Hillcrest ($3.81)


Quik Stop - 3940 Walnut Blvd. and Dainty Ave (3.79)
Chevron - ($3.95 at 3 locations throughout Brentwood)

Information courtesy of

Rave Theatre to get IMax

Rave Theatre in the Streets of Brentwood will be the first theatre in Contra Costa County to get IMax. Read about it here:

Shakespeare Comedy (Hapgood Theatre Company)

The Hapgood Theatre Company will be running "The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridge)" on the following dates:

March 11th - 8 P.M.
March 12th - 8 P.M.
March 13th - 2 P.M.

March 18th - 8 P.M.
March 19th - 8 P.M.
March 20th - 2 P.M.

Tickets are between $15 and $35.  For more information call (925)219-8545 or visit the official website:

The show will be performed at the Nick Rodriguez Center in Antioch.

Tip-a-Cop for Special Olympics

Antioch Police Department Volunteers will be participating in a fundraiser for the Special Olympics on March 24th. The event will take place at Uno's Chicago Grill (4827 Lone Tree Way) from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.

DVTV Featured in CC Times

Deer Valley Television...otherwise known as DVTV was recently featured in our local newspaper. DVTV is a great program that gives young students a chance to see how the media runs. You can find one of their programs called "Hwy 4 Peace" on local access televison.

CC Times Article:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Delta Youth Soccer Sign-Ups

2011 Delta Youth Soccer Sign-ups Soccer Season Sign ups

It is sign up time for the 2011 soccer season which runs late July until Oct/Nov 2011.

The sign up dates are as follows:

March 18 6 pm to 9 pm

April 1 6 pm to 9 pm

April 15 6 pm to 9 pm

May 6 6 pm to 9 pm

May 20 6 pm to 9 pm

May 21 10 am to 2 pm

All sign ups are at Dallas Ranch Middle School (Dallas Ranch Rd & Mount Hamilton Dr, Antioch)

DO NOT wait until the last sign up as there will be NO make up sign ups and you never know what may happen and you are unable to make it.


Developmental (players 4-7 on July 31 2010) $105.00

Home League (players 8-18 on July 31 2010) $125.00

Competition League (players who try out and make our traveling "comp" teams) $220.00

We do take Visa and MasterCard at these sign-ups.

Please bring a birth certificate with you for everyone you are signing up.

Players in the U-6 or U-8 developmental division who want to play on the same team must come in and sign up at the same time.

Delta Youth Soccer League and California Youth Soccer Association do not have boundaries so any child who wants to play in DYSL can play- our games and practices are at schools and parks in Antioch. It is possible that we may get a park or two from Pittsburg for the older players to play their games on depending on their field availability.

If you have any further questions use the "Contact Us" link from  Home page and we will be happy to assist you via email.

Wood Bat Adult Baseball League

Antioch Babe Ruth is searching for players to join their Adult League. Games will be played on Sunday at 10:00 A.M. and 2 P.M. Opening day is April 3rd.

If Antioch Babe Ruth would like to submit any  more information to me the e-mail is:


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