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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Local Businesses: Advertise Through Google

Google can target your ads to only reach people in the geographic area of your business. Instead of seeing pointless ads on AntiWood for lawyers or bankruptcy consultations your ads will take the place of those eventually as you figure out how AdWords runs.  It is a highly effective way to reach people directly. And that's what it's all about.

Children's Carnival in Brentwood (August 13)

Saturday August 13th
11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
2250 Jeffery Way
Click flyer for more details.

AntiWood Hits 10,000 Page Views

AntiWood has reached the 10,000 page view milestone today with our biggest amount of views in a day: 80. We started out getting 1 or 2 hits a day so it makes me very optimistic to see steady growth. For those who started reading AntiWood in the last couple weeks I recommend reading some of my past writings to get a feel with where this is going.

We are not just a blog. We are a start-up company using the ins and outs of Google to get exposure. In time we will grow into a concrete .com and  launch a website that will benefit all within in our city limits. We're just working on attracting qualified people to build the vision. It's gonna take a little time. Until then keep supporting AntiWood as we aim to bring people together by telling them what they can do in life. Not what they can't do.

AntiWood - "If YOU build it...they will come."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raiders Sign Former Deer Valley Player

Former Deer Valley (07) student Sterling Moore was recently signed by the Oakland Raiders. Moore will be joining high school teammate Taiwan Jones who got drafted by the Raiders earlier in the year. Good luck to both of them in training camp.

Now Hiring: Delta Beauty College (Antioch)

Upcoming Shows - Damaura

August 12 @ The Mutiny
7 P.M - 10:30 P.M.

August 26 @ The Red Hat
21 and over - 9 P.M.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

AntiWood Near 10,000 Page Views

AntiWood will be reaching the 10,000 page view mark sometime  in the next week. For everyone that has supported me in this venture I would like to thank you. Traffic has been steadily rising over the last couple weeks and I have a positive outlook for the future. Stay tuned. The vision is still young.

Business Spotlight: Dino's Sandwich Shop (Brentwood)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Antioch Leaders Discuss Ways to Generate Money

A good way to generate money: The Internet. But I'll keep my rants to a minimum. I've said enough.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chipotle Coming To Brentwood

Chipotle Mexican Grill is coming to Brentwood in the near future. It will be in the same shopping center as Kinder's & Trader Joes on Lone Tree Way. We will no longer have to go to Pittsburg to get a healthy burrito.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Google+ Invites

I have invited 1567 people to Google+. Want an invite too? Retweet this tweet and then fill out this form: .

From Boris of Just fill out the form and you may get an invite.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Arrested in D Street Murder (Antioch)

Courtesy of: Antioch Herald

Highway 4 Widening Project

Official Website:

Local Artists On Reverbnation

Damaura (Rock Band):
Jessica Caylyn (Country Band):

Antioch Police Calls (7/4-7/10)

Antioch Flashback: Prewett Water Park Opening

Quiznos Coupons (Antioch or Brentwood)

You can join the Quiznos Club and get free coupons:

Quizno's in Antioch is located in the Lone Tree Landing Plaza & in Brentwood is in Garin Ranch on Brentwood Blvd.

Somersville Towne Center E-Waste Event

July 30th and 31st - 9 AM - 4 PM

CSU Fees Twice As Much Since 2007

What a shame. A whole generation of people will be turned off from attending a 4 year university because they're run by a bunch of 70 year olds who can barely tie their shoes. These people need to go home and garden or something. It really is a joke.

The real reason why the CSU system is getting worse and worse is that professors think they are entitled to a lifetime salary because they went to school for 31 years. And that's the truth from a person who experienced it first hand. They need to reform the CSU system if they want to give the Middle Class an honest chance at attending 4 year colleges.

Friday, July 8, 2011

AntiWood Coupons - Thai Bistro

Expires 7/15/2011

Owners of Rick's on 2nd Retire (Antioch)

Mei Mei Authentic Chinese Food Official Website (Antioch)

City Clean-Up in Antioch

Saturday July 9th from 9:00 to 11 A.M.
Volunteers report to City Hall Parking Lot.

The Park (South Park Idea)

Warning: For serious South Park fans only (Ages 18 and up). Contains adult content.

This idea was before COD: Cartman Ops. Cartman creates Cartman Enterprises in this one. It is a spoof on Ben Affleck's flick "The Town" and how lame people are on LinkedIn.

The Park

Cartman and Butters are sitting at Cartman's house.

Camera zooms in on Cartman's computer screen:

*PIC of Cartman smiling*

Eric Cartman
South Park, Colorado

Cartman Enterprises CEO
"We are the best. You are the rest."
1 Connection

Butters: Eric! What's that grown-up looking website you're on?
Cartman: LinkedIn. It's this awesome website where people make up phony aliases about how great they are when half the time they suck ass.
Butters: Cartman Enterprises CEO? Sounds pretty made up to me.
Cartman: Oh it is...for now...that is until I recruit the likes of Ben Affleck to join forces with me. I see building an empire...a criminal empire..based on greed...wealth...and annoying raspy monologues.
Butters: That's great Eric. How you gonna meet him?
Cartman: Through Mr. Garrison.

Back to computer screen:

(Cartman is shielding his screen from Butters.)

Cartman clicks his one connection and Mr. Garrison's profile pops up. Cartman goes to Ben Affleck's Linkedin and clicks add connection.

It asks how Cartman knows him...he selects Other...and types the following message:

"Ben...Eric...I am the CEO of Cartman Enterprises. We are writing a movie called "The Park." There's a lot of money out here in these small towns Ben. A lot of money. I've studied your work. I know every armored car route in the city. What do you say brother: you in????"

Hits Send.


Cartman goes back to his profile.

Butters: Did you find Ben Affleck????
Cartman: No. He was a 4th level connection of Mr. Garrison so I couldn't reach him. Oh well. I'll think of another plan.
Butters: Maybe Stan and Kyle can find him.
Cartman: Stan and Kyle can't even spell LinkedIn. Kenny is so poor his Internet Explorer 3 couldn't even run this technology. And you Butters...if I ever see you on this site I will take you out.
Butters: Take me out?! WHY?! I didn't do...
Cartman: Butters... I'm not messin around here. I'M writing the movie here...not you. If I want you in the movie I'll write you a part.
Butters: What if I want to write my own movie?

Cartman pulls out a Gold Desert Eagle and points it at Butters.

Cartman: I said stay out of it.

** Scene ends **

Stan and his family are sitting around the family room watching TV.

Randy: Hey Sharon...wanna grab me some vanilla wafers from the kitchen? I've been craving them all day.
Sharon: Randy I'm tired of you ordering me around.
Randy: Aww shutup in there and get my wafers.

Everyone is quiet when a commerical comes on:

"Do you or a loved one have mesothelioma? Anderson & Anderson Associates can get you a massive settlement if that is the case. Find us on LinkedIn to the get the truth about your condition."

Stan: Ohh what a scam!! 30 people a year get a disease and every lawyer in America jumps on the bandwagon. What a joke.

The room gets quiet and dramatic "Full House type music" comes on.

Randy: Stan...this is hard me to say this...but.....
Stan: What Dad?
Sharon: STAN. You have mesothelioma. You're one of the 30 people a year who got diagnosed with it.
Stan: WHAT? I'm just a kid. Are you playing a trick on me again? (Stan imagines the Future Self episode)
Randy: Times were tough Stan...when you were 3 we needed the extra income so we had you work at the South Park Steel Mill. Conditions weren't so sanitary but we had to do it.

Turns from serious to more laid-back...

Randy: Oh get to contact Anderson & Anderson Associates and become a millionaire. We're set baby!!!
Randy: CHOO CHOO!!!

Stan walks out of the room dejected.

Randy: He'll be fine Sharon. Once we get that payday we'll buy him the XBox Kinnect and all will be well.
Sharon: To get rich these days you need to get mesothelioma. What is wrong with our nation?
Randy: Ohh well.

Randy and Sharon high-five each other.

** Scene ends **

Highway 4 Bypass To Connect With Antioch Bridge

Jessica Caylyn @ Cornfest

The Jessica Caylyn Band will be performing Saturday @ 11:30 A.M. - 1 P.M.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

AntiWood Youth Sports

As I grew up playing baseball in Antioch I always wished there would be a website that would be up to date on rosters...etc. Although different leagues made attempts at websites it always felt like the projects were rushed or incomplete. That is something I would like to change.

When AntiWood gets built there will be different "channels" on the website to reach certain activities going on throughout our cities. We will say go to AntiWood Keyword: Youth Sports and an entire portal will open up with the latest stats from every league that wants to participate on our site. We will sponsor teams throughout the two cities and pour money into their programs to help out the youth with better equipment and uniforms. But to do this there would need to be a conscious effort from many parties to pull this off. If executed correctly we'd create a virtual scrapbook for youth sports that would last forever.

Imagine when you're 40 years old and you want to remember your playing days at Antioch Babe Ruth. All you'd have to do is log-on to AntiWood. We are a site that will never fail. We aren't a data-mining fad that is going to be phased out. Our site is based on building a strong community. By showing our youth how to build strong organizations we are doing them a great service.

To really pull this off I see the following things would need to happen:

1) The AntiWood site transitions into more of a portal site and we ditch Blogspot. This will take time though and will not happen over night.
2) When we recruit real employees for AntiWood one of them will have to dive in to this project. Going to board meetings. Asking parents what they would want to see. Etc.
3) Parents would have to step up their game as we would rely on them to submit the scores and stats to our AntiWood web designers to update the site. Instead of watching Desperate Housewives parents will take 10 minutes out of their night and upload (legitimate) stats through our AntiWood app or whatever method we create to do this.

If we pulled this off we would make youth sports a lot more fun and interesting for the next generation of athletes. And we would attract people to our city to play in our sports leagues knowing that free press is involved. It's a win-win for everybody involved. This is just one of the hundreds of AntiWood projects I am designing for my future employees to get involved in. I believe this one is a for-sure winner and would be a great thing for the community. I really do hope it happens one day.

Diane Sawyer To Interview Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard will be interviewed Sunday July 10th @ 9 o'clock (On ABC). This will be the first ever interview on TV for Jaycee. Be sure to tune in.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

APD Names Police Chief

Mei Mei Authentic Chinese Food

There is a new Chinese food restaurant coming soon to the Wallgreens Shopping Center on Deer Valley Road. It will be taking the place of Hi Bar.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Do you have Google+?

I just created a profile on there. You can find me under Scott Andrew White.

This networking site is very sleek. And from a business standpoint is promising. I urge people to look into it. They're not unlocking all the features yet but if you +1 any of the posts on this blog it will put you on the path to create a profile.

Antioch/Brentwood Business Websites


Natures Bounty -
Lumpy's Diner - http:///
Dad's Cafe -
Water Wheels Asian Restaurant -
Muscle Maker Grill -
Bases Loaded -
Trucks Training -


Scottie's Shutters Brasserie -
Brentwood Yoga Center -
Digger's Dinner -
Cap's Bar & Grill -

Armed Man Robs 76 Station (Antioch)

AntiWood Real Estate

In a couple years there are a few industries I am looking to bring the AntiWood movement to in Antioch & Brentwood. With our committment to modernization we will put out such a great product that home buyers and sellers will look to us first when looking for their dream house or trying to skip town due to obnoxious neighbors. So don't be surprised if in 3-5 years you're driving down the street and you see a sign that signs:

AntiWood Real Estate (with a newer logo)
Scott Andrew White

Good game Corporate Realty Offices. We're going to be cutting deals twice as fast then you ever knew was possible. Isn't capitalism great?