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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lost Yorkie - Wildhorse Area

A black/brown Yorkie wearing a Harley Davidson sweater went missing around the Hillcrest/Wildhorse area. If you have any information about this dog contact Jenna at  925-783-4335. There will be a reward if he is found.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

AntiWood Update

I will resume posting stories about Antioch and Brentwood in a couple days. I decided to lay off for now because I want people to read the vision of where we can take this site. If you felt like the vision was a great idea spread the word to others. This website is a product of the people of Antioch and Brentwood. The more participation it gets the more we grow.

If you have any breaking news from criminal activity to an event your charity is hosting send me an e-mail. I am still offering free advertisement for local businesses too. This is a chance for local business to get involved with a .com venture that will benefit everybody in the future. There's nothing to lose here.

Tuesday night I will start posting news stories again if I can find anything worthy to report. The views tripled on this blog after I posted the AntiWood Vision so things are looking up. Thank you for the support. This is just the beginning.

Here is a direct link to The AntiWood Vision:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The AntiWood Vision

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I chose this day to release my vision of AntiWood. If you believe in this idea pass it on to whoever you feel is ambitious and creative.


The AntiWood Vision:

I come to the people of Antioch and Brentwood with a vision. A vision that aims to bring the community together and create wealth.

I got this idea of AntiWood from reading stories on AntiWood will start out like ClayCord, but take a modern twist. The difference between me and the Mayor of ClayCord is we come from different generations. I come from a generation that has used advanced technology since we were young kids. My idea of where to take this site will be seen as overly ambitious by many, but understood by a few. The few that understand it will jump on board and help build this website from the ground up.

I will not release every little detail about my vision, but I will break down the main points of it. I see as being THE website that people in the communities of Antioch and Brentwood check on a daily basis. It will be a portal site linking local business to local people.

It feels like we are scattered all over on the Internet on websites like Yelp and Craigslist. Information on these sites is sometimes hard to find. To improve that we will be our own Yelp and Craigslist. You won't need to check Craigslist for classifieds or missing dogs. We will provide all those services for you guys. Instead of being scattered all over thousand of sites on the Internet we will have the privilege of having one portal personalized to our community needs. No longer will we be feeding San Francisco or San Jose our money. We will be creating money within our own community.

News reporting will still be the #1 focus of the website. It was created as a blog and will continue to be a blog on the main page. As the user base grows the amount of stories will grow. We will be the first media source to get access to a lot of information. The days of going to the Contra Costa Times message board asking "what happened with that car crash here?" will be over. We will make a major commitment to providing the best stories at all hours of the day. Efficient news reporting will be our main draw to get people to come to the site in the first place.

Another big part of the vision includes helping out local business. As the site grows I would like to make an option for our web designers to create and maintain websites for local businesses. Let's say there was a place called Rick's Automotive. Rick would come to us and we could design a website for his company to be hosted on AntiWood. He could send his customers to or tell them go to AntiWood keyword "Rick's Automotive." As he makes changes to his pricing and other aspects of his business we will be on call to update his site. I see that a lot of small businesses have outdated websites. AntiWood will be on top of all that for a reasonable fee.

The possibilities are unlimited with the things we could do. It all comes down to what the people of Antioch and Brentwood are willing to do. Some may see it as a privacy matter and not want to be involved. Others will see this as a great way to keep the populace updated about events in the city. When I played baseball when I was younger I always wanted a website that would provide stats and game reports on a daily basis. At that time it felt like our technology was not good enough to make that a reality. With this site, though, we could be hosting websites for organizations like Antioch Babe Ruth or East County Little League. It could be a virtual scrapbook for youth sports.

Our goal is when every person in Antioch or Brentwood logs onto the Internet they have as their homepage. We can make that happen. - Taking Antioch and Brentwood virtual.

"If you build it...they will come."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

34th Annual Holiday Run and Walk

The Delta Kiwanis Club is hosting the 34th Annual Holiday Run and Walk on December 11. For more information on this event you can visit the official website @ We look forward to reporting other events hosted by the Kiwianis Club in the future.

Registration Forms:
Register Online:

New Sushi Restaurant

There are some new tenants moving in at the corner of Lone Tree and Hillcrest. "New China - Chinese Sushi & Bar" is replacing Qin's Bistro. They will be opening in mid-November. We wish them luck in this business venture.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiking Group Seeks Leaders

The East Bay Casual Hiking Group is looking for more members on this side of Mount Diablo. They mostly do hikes around the Concord/Danville part of Mount Diablo but are looking to do more out this way. If you are interested in hiking and want to get a group together check out the website:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Local Business

AntiWood is looking to form partnerships with local business owners. In about a week of launching the blog we've already received hundreds of page views  and have plans for steady growth in the future. Be one of the first businesses to support this venture. We will be a media source serving this community for many years to come. E-mail for more details.

Kitten Found in Garin Ranch Development (Brentwood)

Yesterday a man found a grey kitten on Redhaven Street in the Garin Ranch area of Brentwood. If you're looking for this kitten contact AntiWood.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NCS Football Results

Heritage 45
Pittsburg 20

San Ramon Valley 27
Deer Valley 15

Heritage (9-2) will be playing De La Salle (10-0) next Friday November 26 @ 7 P.M. It will be played at De La Salle High School in Concord.

$1000 Reward for Missing Cat

"Mojo the Cat" is missing in action and his owner is offering a $1000 reward if you find him. He went missing around the Contra Loma/James Donlon area earlier this year. If you or anyone you know has adopted a cat that looks like this have it scanned because Mojo has a microchip. If you live in the area and see a Long-Haired Siamease Seal Point Cat it might be him. Send me any information and I will pass it onto the owner.

Friday, November 19, 2010

NCS Football

North Coast Section football is coming up for Heritage and Deer Valley High. Heritage plays Pittsburg tonight (11/19) at Pittsburg. Tomorrow (11/20 @ 7 P.M.) Deer Valley will be taking on San Ramon Valley at San Ramon High. Congrats to both schools for making the NCS playoffs and good luck to them. We will report results as we get them.

Heritage Football:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking for New Banner

I'm looking for someone to design a creative banner to display at the top of the blog. It should be something that symbolizes both Antioch and Brentwood. The Mt. Diablo picture is getting a little plain.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trucks Training - Heavy Hitters Program

AntiWood has gotten information of a new football training program started by Anthony Trucks of Trucks Training. It is called the Heavy Hitters Program and begins on November 29th. If you would like more information on the program you can contact Trucks Training @ 925 756 7321 or check out their website:

Trucks Training is a local gym founded by former NFL player Anthony Trucks. They are a gym that supports local youth sports in the area. AntiWood is thankful to get the opportunity to plug this company and help get more people involved in these programs. If you have never been to Trucks Training you can check it out in the Raley's shopping center on Lone Tree Way in Antioch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Antioch Community Center Opening Soon

The Antioch Community Center will be opening soon to the public. The Center will contain a library, gynamisum. and substation for Antioch Police. It you would like to get a full run-down on what else it will offer check out the official webpage:

APD Reduced Counter Hours

Here is a notification from Antioch Police about staff reductions:

Due to the continued financial shortfalls facing the Antioch Police Department, the Public Counter hours have been reduced in half. The new hours will be:

Monday – Thursday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Rules of the Blog

AntiWood aims to be a blog that covers many diverse topics. We will post anything from high school sport scores to coupons from local business. If you have any newsworthy items right now send an e-mail to:

The success of this blog will depend a lot on user-submissions. If you start seeing a surge in content over the next couple months it it because people are sending me stories on a daily basis. If I receive little to no content then I will see that the time is not right for this venture.

AntiWood is going to be quick-and-easy information tool for the residents of Antioch and Brentwood. I want people to know that we are not going to be writing "newspaper format" articles. We are an efficient form of modern media that looks to inform the public. If you like the concept of the blog spread the word and get involved.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to

Welcome to the local blog covering news from the Antioch/Brentwood area. I will be looking to post stories on a variety of topics over the next few months to make this blog grow from a generic blog into an everyday stop for local residents. If you have any interesting stories to share send me an e-mail: