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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drone Video Of Garrido's Property

What To Expect In a High-Tech Local Economy

You know how people go to Home Depot to pick up day laborers? Well they will be going to Fed Ex Kinkos, Panera, & Starbucks to pick up contractors to boost their Internet ranking instead. The real-time Internet is going to make business extremely competitive. It's going to open up an entire new economy.  Here are a couple of things you will see:

1) - There will be a service like this with people setting up shop to sell +1's and clicks.

2) http:/// - People will go around taking pictures trying to become the most reputable GigWalker in the area.

3) - A method for video bloggers to update their status throughout the day. Could be used for quick interviews or anything really.

We're talking an economy where a lot of people are going to hop on the bandwagon thinking they have the secret to improving your visibility online. AntiWood is the portal that sifts through all of that. If they make money for the vision then they become more visible on our network. If they don't you will never hear of them. This should get fun.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Your Gateway To The Internet

Your Google Plus profile page is crucial. It can make or break you on this network. You don't want to give a bad first impression and not be added to another user's circles.

This is the first page people will come on when they type in your name online. You want it to be concise. And you need to pick out the social networking sites that are telling the same story you're telling on Google Plus. Old profiles look tacky. A LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is sufficient. And FriendFeed is looking like a good choice too. A clutter of profiles can get a bit excessive.

Google Plus is: a place where you search for information that is interesting. The list of people on the network are all on an imaginary whiteboard and you are given the chance to judge them (along with their content): interesting or not. The interesting people then get a chance to prove if they're relevant to you when YOU put THEM in YOUR circle.

They're teaching us how to do business. Circles 101.

If you want to control your name and maximize your profit online you need to:
1) Sign-up for the service.
2)Share content.
3)Develop an inner-circle that aligns with your business interests.

When someone says "What is Google +." You respond with PLUS.GOOGLE.COM. That's it. If they don't know how to type that into the Internet then I don't want them near my circles. 

Act of Valor HD Trailer

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving Up Google

AntiWood is listed as the #1 monthly post for the term "Google Sparks." We are #1 and #2 on the search term "globalpreneurs" for the month. But we have 0 sparks listed on Google Plus at the moment. That should be changing soon I hope.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Felon Spy

Ever wonder if that weird guy down the street is a convicted felon? Find out with 

NOTE: This is a bogus site so don't take the information seriously. But don't be surprised if some day this turns into a reality.

Google Ventures

AntiWood YouTUBE Channel

Your Local Media Outlet Here

Now Hiring: United States Navy (Antioch)

Antioch California Real Estate

5409 Prewett Ranch Road 
1905 Tioga Pass Way


Link here.

This multi-level marketing stuff gets confusing when so many copycat products are around.

Your Google Plus search term here.


Google on FriendFeed

So Facebook owns FriendFeed?

Listed In Japanese Now

Web 2.0 moves quick these days:

Official AntiWood Google Background

Antioch Medical Center Flu Shots

Google Scott Andrew White

When you Google my name you'll notice that Google is taking information straight off my Google Plus. One day this may even be a real-time indicator of what I am posting. For now, though, 12 hours is extremely efficient.

These are the basics of Google Plus. You get on there to begin to control your name...whether it's for business use or personal use. You become your own media source. Do you want customers reading reviews on Yelp? Or do you want them guided to your Google Plus page? Make the choice.

Update: Google now responds to whatever I put on Google Plus.

Planning Commission Hearing Tonight (Brentwood)

At 7 P.M. they are hosting a public hearing about bringing Five Guys to Brentwood. I don't know why there is a hearing about it. Too many cheeseburger locations in one area or something?

Five Guys - Welcome to AntiWood. If you pass your hearing use my ad space as you wish. Good luck.

Coming Soon: Five Guys Burgers (Brentwood)

Location: WinCo Shopping Center.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Like AntiWood Mobile on Facebook

Antioch California Real Estate

Neighborhood bar 
Asian style restaurant with land available
620 Lynn Ave
4013 Rocky Point Drive

AntiWood Sparks Analogy

AntiWood Sparks:Google Plus as AntiWood Top 5:Blogspot.

The AntiWood Google Sparks page compiles the best content of whatever I post on Google Plus. Members can share Sparks around Google Plus with the click of a button. These are very valuable positions. 

Humphrey's on SquareSpace (Antioch) Available is your friend: It's only $12.

The Livermore Casino has been advertising their casino on the San Jose Sharks games. And their city image isn't hurt by it at all. Maybe it's time we step it up.

Antioch Casino with Bay Area Poker Tour hosted events = $$$.


ObiMobile is a very simple, easy to use tool that requires almost no technical expertise for creating, publishing, and maintaining your Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites Update

The AntiWood main page is the best piece of land on this network. I've been updating it to provide pathways to the best information for our area. Be sure to check it out.

Corporations Moving Up

Take a look at the top 5 and you will see the big names making their way up the blog. Is this is a coincidence or by design? I hope it's by design. I'm ready to sell some ad space.

Representatives - Link in to me.
AntiWood Corporate.

Friday, October 14, 2011

AntiWood Deals: Chili's Dinner For 2 (Antioch)

Act of Valor Trailer

It's What You Do On Google

It's what you do on Google that will put you on the map:

Google Plus is an identity service. If you build up your identity through this service you bring more people to Google. In return Google will bring more people to your service. If you never make a Google account your identity will never be truly verified on the Internet. You'll be caught in some matrix where everybody plays phone tag, hands out business cards, and never checks their e-mail. When everybody gets on one network all those problems vanish.

I urge people to take some time out of their busy lives and observe what I am doing on Google Plus. I am setting the stage where future residents will be buying houses, cars, and getting jobs through my listings. A lot of the information I will receive will be posted exclusively on Google because I like the way they organize information. You have to treat the Internet like a place of business to receive the benefits from it.

AntiWood is a step system. Not a complex system, but a step system nonethless. If you don't have the common sense to create a Google account to explore Google & Google Plus you're not even at step one. You're nowhere near the map.

Sign up for Google Plus:

Apps...Widgets...Google Plus...Android...Google Wallet...AntiWood...Antioch...Brentwood...High Tech Companies....Virtual Real Estate...the list goes on and on.

AntiWood 101 is still in session. Learn these terms to succeed.

Steve Jobs & The 7 Rules To Success

Brentwood California Cars

Brentwood California Animals

Antioch California Animals

Antioch California Cars

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Google Sparks

Now Hiring: Wells Fargo (Brentwood)

Cartman Joins The Border Patrol

Chipotle Now Open In Brentwood

Located in the shopping center with Trader Joe's and Kinders on Lone Tree.

Poker in Antioch

I just read the CC Times article about the Antioch City Council rejecting Kelly's expansion in Antioch. And the Council said a big reason they rejected it is because it is too close to Los Medanos College. Now that's the biggest cop-out I've ever heard. I'm curious as to what the real reason is. Does it have to do with the fact that a bunch of bums play there on credit and the house doesn't have enough to pay people in cash?

If you wanna go legitimate the Bay Area Poker Tour is ready to be used at any point. Until then the real poker players will have to drive to Pacheco or Livermore to play cards. Which is pretty sad.

To be legitimate you have to create a card room that FEELS like a card room. Not a glorified house game where everybody knows each other. That means poker chips not from the 40's. Trained dealers who speak English. And floor people who understand poker. Until then we're stuck in a tee ball game.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AntiWood Corporate

Our official Linkedin Meeting Spot: A place where Corporations can inquire about advertising packages through AntiWood. You could even link in for a week, cut a deal, and link out while your company reaps the benefits three weeks later. All from advertising through the proper way in the 21st century. The Internet.

The goal of this project is to attract individuals higher-up in Corporations that are willing to take a risk.  Corporations may even set the tone for AntiWood as the small business crowd does not seem to care. It's still up in the air.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Matthew Fundraiser Raffle (Antioch)

Location: Uno Chicago Grille
Date: October 11, 2011 6:30 P.M.

For more information you can go to the official site to read about Matthew :