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Monday, June 11, 2012


The Game of Baseball

The front office is the government. They are the ones cutting deals behind the scenes.

The general manager is the politician. They are the face of the government.

The umpires are law enforcement. They can throw anyone out of the game when they feel the need.

The players are superhumans. That's who we really idolize.

The fans are taxpayers. We help support the game so we would like to see the game played with honor.

The gamer babes are a bunch of girls craving attention.

The grounds crew and vendors symbolize the working class.

The statisticians and sports columnists are the writers of history. They choose who's name to put an asterisk by.

Coach is the sensei. Whatever he says goes.

In the end it's just a game. Like life. Treat it that way.

Who are your favorite baseball heroes and villains?

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